Top 10 Best Fonts for 2022

Take a look at our selection of the top ten best fonts that will be very popular among graphic designers in 2022.

Trends come and go and some seem to stay forever. The world of typography and type design is no exception. Based on current and ongoing trends, we have put together a handpicked selection of the top ten best fonts for use in 2022. Our daily readers may know some of the fonts from our reviews. Thank you very much for your feedback! That really helps to know what’s popular at the moment and to predict what tomorrow’s trends in typeface design will be. Our selection of the ten best fonts for 2022 includes a variety of classics as well as new typefaces and high-quality font families from some of the world’s best type designers and font foundries.

10. TT Ricordi Fonts

TT Ricordi is a set of three elegant display serif fonts designed to significantly diversify the traditional font palette. Designed by the TypeType team including Marina Khodak, Yulia Gonina, and Anna Tikhonova, all three fonts of TT Ricordi are quite similar in thickness. They also share similar character compositions. TT Ricordi supports all Latin-based languages as well as basic Cyrillic letters.

9. Mont Blanc Font Family

The Mont Blanc font family was designed by Svetoslav Simov and Vika Usmanova for type foundry Fontfabric. It is intended to be an independent flawless text font family inspired by the legendary geometric sans serif, Mont.

8. Gazpacho Font Family

Designed and published by Santi Rey, Gazpacho is an elegant vintage-inspired font family that includes numerous weights plus matching italics. This charming typeface is well suited for striking headlines and logotypes as well as branding, packaging, poster designs, websites, or editorial work. Its high contrast shapes ensure great readability. Hence, you can also use the font for texts in small sizes.


The TAN NIMBUS font was published in 2021 by the team of foundry TanType. If you are looking for something special, maybe something experimental, elegant, and playful with a touch of vintage, this might be the right typeface for you. Its unique, decorative style draws inspiration from the hippie chic of the 1960s as well as psychedelic designs. NIMBUS supports multiple languages and you can use it for headlines, stylish text overlays, posters, clothing, packaging, branding, social media, website headers, and more.

6. Atyp Font Family

Atyp is a functional, geometric font family from Suitcase Type Foundry. Designed by Tomáš Brousil, Atyp was created by adapting a typeface originally made for a commercial television station. Its design is inspired by geometric constructions of the Bauhaus movement. The subtle details of each character and the microscopic adjustments evoke the illusion of uniformity and mechanical purity.

5. Osbourne Font Family

Revised by the Latinotype team, Osbourne is a display typeface with titles based on the Salem typeface, which was originally designed and published by Keystone Type Foundry. In addition to the default version, Osbourne comes with two other versions: one that is sharper and another with wide alternatives to the circular characters. Between these and its five weights, the family has a range of unique personalities to meet different needs. You can use it for titles, branding, short texts, etc.

4. TT Travels Next Font Family

TT Travels Next is based on a trendy wide display sans serif that comes with unique characteristics. You can use it for a wide range of designs including print and web projects. With its very wide proportions and characters as well as its exaggerated closed aperture, low contrast, and the great mix of soft and sharp shapes, the TT Travels Next font family is a real eye-catcher. TT Travels Next is also equipped with two outline styles that match the upright styles perfectly.

3. Cotford Font Family

Cotford is a Monotype release that was designed by Tom Foley and the Monotype Studio. With the attention to detail demanded by the 21st century, the Cotford font family is a celebration of simplicity, shape, and form.

2. Arsenica Font Family

Published by Zetafonts, the Arsenica font family has been designed by Francesco Canovaro and developed by a team including Mario De Libero, Andrea Tartarelli, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. The design of the Arsenica typeface draws inspiration from classic Italian poster designs.

1. Helvetica Now Variable Font

During the past years, we experienced a growing demand for variable fonts. While traditional font formats require multiple files for multiple variations, variable fonts package all the necessary DNA into one tidy, more compact file. In other words, variable fonts give you all the freedom to focus on your design without worrying about fixed font widths and weights. So it’s no surprise that Monotype has finally launched Helvetica Now as a variable font.

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