Rocky Wepner and Company established in 2016, is a daring, transgressive, modern, and highly professional design agency. Our eclectic team comprises graphic designers, programmers, advertisers, urban artists, photographers, illustrators, and more. This dynamic mix of talents creates a synergistic force that fuels our cutting-edge approach. With international influences and offices in Edinburgh, Barcelona and Athens, we redefine the boundaries of creativity.

Our expertise extends to international projects, catering to brands and businesses seeking a bold and dynamic presence. From crafting captivating visual branding to designing user-centric websites and producing innovative marketing campaigns, our services transcend borders and industries. We bring ideas to life through exceptional designs and seamless execution, driving your brand to the forefront of its field.

Choose us for our seasoned team with proven expertise and an unyielding commitment to excellence. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures an unrivaled fusion of innovation and professionalism. Join us in disrupting the status quo and embracing design that challenges conventions. Let Rocky Wepner redefine your brand’s potential with visionary solutions that inspire and create impact. Elevate your brand to unparalleled heights with us today.


Visual Branding

Crafting powerful brand visuals that convey your unique identity and captivate your target audience for effective brand communication.



Creating user-centric and visually stunning websites that enhance your online presence and deliver seamless user experiences.



Producing bespoke illustrations and artistic designs that add a distinctive touch to your brand’s storytelling and visual identity.


Photo & Video

Capturing stunning visuals through photography and videography to showcase your brand’s essence and engage your audience effectively.


Digital Marketing

Crafting engaging visuals for your marketing campaigns, including digital ads and social media graphics, to attract and convert potential customers



Designing eye-catching packaging and labels that stand out on store shelves and communicate your brand’s quality and uniqueness.


Social Media

Create captivating graphics for your social media platforms to increase engagement and brand awareness among your followers.



Develop comprehensive brand strategies that align with your business goals, target audience, and current industry trends.



Designing impactful print materials like brochures and flyers to effectively promote your brand and attract potential clients.



Creating infographics and data visualizations to simplify complex information and enhance audience comprehension.


Motion Graphics

Producing dynamic motion graphics and animations that add an interactive and engaging element to your brand’s communication.


Brand Consulting

Offering guidance and expert analysis to strengthen the positioning and expansion of your brand, messages and overall visual identity.