Typeface Selection

Typography and type design continuously evolve, reflecting design trends that capture the imagination. At our fingertips, we’ve curated an exclusive collection of the finest fonts, carefully crafted by world-renowned designers and foundries. Delve into this celebration of the artistry and allure of typography.

10. TT Ricordi Fonts

An elegant display serif trio, diversifying your font palette with refined style and versatility. Designed by the TypeType team, these fonts share consistent character compositions and support various languages.

9. Mont Blanc Font Family

Inspired by the legendary geometric sans serif, Mont, this font family by Fontfabric exudes seamless elegance and offers a flawless text experience.

8. Gazpacho Font Family

Embrace vintage charm with Gazpacho, perfect for striking headlines, branding, and more. Its high contrast shapes ensure excellent readability in any size.


A special typeface with experimental elegance, drawing inspiration from the 1960s hippie chic and psychedelic designs. NIMBUS supports multiple languages, ideal for diverse projects.

6. Atyp Font Family

A functional, geometric gem from Suitcase Type Foundry, Atyp’s Bauhaus-inspired design captivates with subtle details and an illusion of mechanical purity.

5. Osbourne Font Family

Embrace the unique personalities of Osbourne, a display typeface that offers sharp and wide alternatives. Perfect for titles, branding, and more creative endeavors.

4. TT Travels Next Font Family

A trendy, wide display sans serif, TT Travels Next boasts eye-catching proportions and soft, sharp shapes. Ideal for print and web projects.

3. Cotford Font Family

Monotype’s Cotford celebrates simplicity and form, designed with meticulous attention to detail for the demands of the 21st century.

2. Arsenica Font Family

A Zetafonts creation inspired by classic Italian poster designs, Arsenica stands out with its captivating allure.

1. Helvetica Now Variable Font

Experience the freedom of variable fonts, revolutionizing design with versatility. Monotype’s Helvetica Now offers endless creative possibilities.